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Niyam understands the value of big data in today's dynamic, evolving technological ecosystem. Combined with our cloud engineering, architecture design and IT security offerings, we deliver a comprehensive approach to data management that can be easily tailored to suit the needs of any size business. Our experts have years of hands-on experience managing every aspect of the data process - from planning and design through deployment, analysis and monitoring - ensuring you always get clear, relevant, actionable insights.

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Access your data exactly the way you want by choosing the tool that fits your specific needs.

Easily integrate with off-the-shelf visualization software such as Tableau or Power BI, or deploy custom-built dashboards tailored to your exact specifications

Precision Analytics

Granular, deep-diving analytic solutions deliver the clearest, most revealing view of your data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP), custom algorithms, data mining and predictive modeling strategies all work in harmony to reveal deep, relevant, timely insights

Continuous Monitoring

Synchronized. Harmonized. Ready for maximum intelligence.

Powerful data modeling and cleansing strategies add clarity and meaning to your data, paving the way for extracting maximum business intelligence and insights

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Features & Benefits

Unified Data

Our state-of-the-art data management platform unifies all your diverse data sources for maximum interoperability

Meaningful Insight

Powerful data modeling and cleansing strategies add clarity and meaning to your data for incredibly accurate, reliable intelligence

Quality Governance

Our dynamic, iterative process continuously improves governance protocols to ensure data is accurate, reliable and accessible

Power Processing

Simplify and organize structured and unstructured data using Natural Language Processing (NLP), custom algorithms and ontologies

Custom Dashboards

Bespoke analytics and visualization solutions built to your specifications

Powerful Analytics

Extract maximum value from your data through statistical computing, data mining, predictive modeling and decision support analytics

BYOB Visualization

Add self-service BI capabilities to disparate, high-volume data sources for new insights

“Niyam IT displays high service levels, as evidenced by their aggressiveness in handling help desk tickets.”

Sunia Akbary

Partner, IBM Global Services

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