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Niyam’s System Modernization services combine people, processes and tools to streamline workflows, facilitate collaboration and drive feedback throughout the development cycle. Our Responsive Methodology™ dramatically increases transparency and speed-to-market, while minimizing risk and cost. Based on Agile and DevOps principles, RM™ is specifically designed to handle change and eliminate operational chaos; it’s the secret sauce in our IT solutions, enabling our clients to meet change with agility, flexibility and efficiency.

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Boost Speed-to-Market

Get your product out the door and into customers' hands faster, with fewer setbacks and lower risk.

Our solutions deliver successful outcomes through seamless execution, procedural transparency and round-the-clock attentive service during and after launch

Foster Collaboration & Transparency

Break down the barriers between teams and get them working together in streamlined harmony.

Our process fosters transparency between Dev & Ops, ensuring all teams are up to speed on what's working, what isn't, and where resources should be allocated

Eliminate Chaos

Change is inevitable. Stay on your game with a plan that always expects the unexpected.

Our Responsive Methodology™ is specifically designed to handle the unexpected, weaving flexibility into your operation by proactively planning for change and designing with scalability and adaptability in mind

agile / devsecops

Features & Benefits


Our real-time metrics on development processes allow program officials to track our progress

Smart Collaboration

We offer practical advice, resources, tools and community support for successful deployments


Our iterative, modular development approach benefits end-users with frequent usable features

Innovate Together

Our teams innovate while staying committed to core values, stakeholder needs and accountability

Lower Risk

We enable regular validation through continuous testing and short feedback loops

Domain Expertise

Using customized action plans, we establish a baseline strategy to make the process work for you

6000+ hours of testing reduced to as little as 45 minutes! We are working our way to a clean, flexible, fast solution.”

Shiva Dacherla

System Modernization Consultant, Niyam

flexibility. efficiency. speed.

Our DevSecOps solutions deliver everything you need to succeed

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